Prime Foundation Pakistan

Achieving excellence in fields of medicine, education and research in line with Islamic Principles


1 To establish, manage, maintain, own, administer, promote, control and subsidize educational institutions, computer literacy centers, schools, colleges, institutions for study and research, centers of learning, reading rooms, hostels, boarding houses, and other institutions for basic education, adult literacy, advanced studies and other educational activities.
2 To establish, construct, promote, organize, finance, administer, manage and maintain orphan center for providing food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care and counseling to the deserving orphans.
3 To take appropriate measures to address the problems of refugees by providing them education, professional and vocational trainings, technical skills, shelter, feeding, clothing, medical facility and to assist in the process of their repatriation and resettlement.
4 To establish, own, construct, set up, acquire, manage and operate hospitals, maternity homes, MCH, Day Care centers, Diagnostic Centers, Research Institutes, emergency care centers, mobile emergency units, ambulance services, and to provide all sorts of medical treatment and health services.
5 To construct, establish, manage, organize, finance and administer the institutions necessary for the advancement of moral, ethical and spiritual values of the society.
6 To establish, maintain, run, manage and administer aid programmes providing relief and help to the needy, the poor and the destitute and to grant relief donation for and during calamities undertake such charitable and philanthropic activities which in the opinion of the Foundation would assist and benefit mankind and to work for alleviation of human sufferings from catastrophes.
7 To found, aid, construct, set up, manage, maintain, administer, assist and run hostels, centres, old houses, mosques, play grounds for the benefit and convenience of the public.
8 To print, publish issue, circulate and assist in printing, publishing and issuing and circulating papers (not being news papers), periodicals, and books, publication.
9 The Foundation shall not itself set up or otherwise engage in industrial and commercial activities or in any manner function as a trade organization.
10 The Foundation shall not exploit or offend the religious susceptibilities of the people.


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