Dr. Fozia Rauf

MBBS, FCPS (Histopathology)
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Dr. Fozia Rauf is Professor of Pathology at Peshawar Medical College and Senior Consultant Histopathologist at PMC Diagnostic Labs. She's a graduate of Khyber Medical College Peshawar and has Postgraduate training in Histopathology from Agha Khan University. She is presently serving as Vice Principal Peshawar Medical College and Section Head Histopathology Division PMC Labs.

Having more than fifteen years' experience in Undergraduate Medical & Dental student teaching (LGF & SGD), assessment/evaluation, curriculum & modular system development (Problem Based Learning). Development of MCQs, EMQs, SEQs, OSCE and OSPEs bank for the department. She is a supervisor for FCPS and M. Phil Histopathology.

She has been coordinator of Histopathology postgraduate M. Phil Program since Feb 2011, actively involved in post graduate theory and practical teaching and evaluation, research guidance and curriculum development. She has been organizing and conducting workshops and CME activities at Dept. of Pathology.

  • Hepatobiliary oncology
  • Advances Immunity
  • Advances Biology
  • Advances demographic of Pakistan
  • Advances in Cancer Research


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