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Introduction to RNC

Rufaidah (RTA) is Recognized as the first Muslim nurse. Her full name was Rufaidah Bint Saad of the Bani Aslam tribe of the khazraj tribal confederation in madinah. She was born in Yathrib before the migration of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She was amoung the first people in madinah to accept islam and was one of the Ansar women who welcomed the Prophet on arrival in madinah.

Rufaidah father was a physicain. She learned medical care by working as his assistant. Her history illustrates all the attributes expected of a good nurse. She was kind and emphathetic and a capable leader, who organized, mobilized and got others to produce good work. She had clinical skills that she shared with other nurses whome she trained and worked with; she did not confine her nursing to the clinical situation.

She went out to the community and tried to solve the social problems that lead disease. She was both a public health nurse and a social worker.

Vision & Mission

Rufaidah College of Nursing (RNC) aspires to be a center of excellence in nursing that will impart full spectrum of quality nursing education in line with national human resources, needs, socio-cultural values and provide the opportunity to nursing students and faculty member to enhance their professional practice and scholarships.

Mission of the RNC is to elevate the status of nursing profession by upholding high standareds of teaching and learning, ethics and professionalism with practical role modeling and other long term strategies to de-stigmatise the profession, to dispel the associated misconceptions and taboo while at the same time enabling its graduates reach the highest professional position at home and abroad by dint of excellence in professional competencies and ethical values.


  • To contribute towards reversing the inverse national health resource pyramid.
  • Elevate the image of nursing profession through demonstration of role modeling.
  • Impart quality nursing education in line with recommendations of the Pakistan Nursing council (PNC), Socio-cultural norms, values and global trends of the nursing Profession.
  • Enable nurses reach the highest leadership, service and research positions in health profession at home and abroad through an innovative curriculum that will offer them training opportunities in a healthcare team environment within the framework of PNC.
  • Provide holistic nursing care to patients characterized by professional competence and ethical excellence.