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The introduction and functions of prime research board (PRB) and the concerned guidelines/ forms are detailed below

IRB Meeting Numbers Proposed Dates
24th IRB meeting 25th October, 2021
25th IRB meeting 27th December, 2021
26th IRB meeting 15th February, 2022
27th IRB meeting 10th May, 2022
28th IRB meeting 14th September, 2022
29th IRB meeting 14th December, 2022
30th IRB meeting 21st November, 2022
31st IRB meeting 13th February, 2023
32nd IRB meeting 17th May, 2023
33rd IRB meeting 22nd June, 2023
Code Type Name Updated Download
RB-P01 Policy Prime Research Board (PRB) 27-Mar-15 RB-P01 - Prime Research Board (PRB)
RB-P03 Policy Faculty Research Grant Program Guidelines and TORs 23-Sep-14 RB-P03 - FReG Program Guidelines and TORs.docx
RB-P04 Policy Undergraduate Research Grants Program Guidelines 23-Sep-14 RB-P04 - Undergraduate Research Grants Program Guidelines.docx
RB-P05 Policy Publication Incentive Policy 24-Oct-14 RB-P05 - Publication Incentive Policy
RB-F00 Forms Application proforma for Publication Incentives 27-Mar-15 RB-F00 - Application proforma for Publication Incentives.pdf
RB-F01 Forms Ethical Approval Form 25-Jun-22 Author's Criteria.pdf
Ethical Approval Form
RB-F02 Forms Undergraduate Research Ethical approval Form 1-Oct-14 RB-F02 - Undergraduate Research Ethical approval Form.docx
RB-F03 Forms FReG Application Form 23-Sep-14 RB-F03 - FReG Application Form.docx
RB-F04 Forms Annex 1A - Adult Consent Form 23-Sep-14 RB-F04 - Annex 1A - Adult Consent Form.docx
RB-F05 Forms Annex 1B - Child Consent Form 23-Sep-14 RB-F05 - Annex 1B - Child Consent Form.docx
RB-F06 Forms Annex 3 - Conflict of Interest Form 23-Sep-14 RB-F06 - Annex 3 - Conflict of Interest Form.docx
RB-F07 Forms Annex 7 - Use of Embryonic Tissue 1-Oct-14 RB-F07 - Annex 7 - Use of Embryonic Tissue.docx
RB-F08 Forms Annex 9 - Benefits and Compensation Form 23-Sep-14 RB-F08 - Annex 9 - Benefits and Compensation Form.docx
RB-F09 Forms Annex 12 - Use of Animal Tissue 1-Oct-14 RB-F09 - Annex 12 - Use of Animal Tissue.docx
RB-F10 Forms Research Grant Budget Template 23-Sep-14 RB-F10 - Research Grant Budget Template.xlsx
RB-F11 Forms Research Grant Workplan Template 23-Sep-14 RB-F11 - Research Grant Workplan Template.xlsx