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The introduction and functions of prime research board (PRB) and the concerned guidelines/ forms are detailed below

Code Type Name Updated Download
RB-P01 Policy Prime Research Board (PRB) 27-Mar-15 RB-P01 - Prime Research Board (PRB)
RB-P03 Policy Faculty Research Grant Program Guidelines and TORs 23-Sep-14 RB-P03 - FReG Program Guidelines and TORs.docx
RB-P04 Policy Undergraduate Research Grants Program Guidelines 23-Sep-14 RB-P04 - Undergraduate Research Grants Program Guidelines.docx
RB-P05 Policy Publication Incentive Policy 24-Oct-14 RB-P05 - Publication Incentive Policy
RB-F00 Forms Application proforma for Publication Incentives 27-Mar-15 RB-F00 - Application proforma for Publication Incentives.pdf
RB-F01 Forms Ethical Approval Form 25-Jun-22 Author's Criteria.pdf
Ethical Approval Form
RB-F02 Forms Undergraduate Research Ethical approval Form 1-Oct-14 RB-F02 - Undergraduate Research Ethical approval Form.docx
RB-F03 Forms FReG Application Form 23-Sep-14 RB-F03 - FReG Application Form.docx
RB-F04 Forms Annex 1A - Adult Consent Form 23-Sep-14 RB-F04 - Annex 1A - Adult Consent Form.docx
RB-F05 Forms Annex 1B - Child Consent Form 23-Sep-14 RB-F05 - Annex 1B - Child Consent Form.docx
RB-F06 Forms Annex 3 - Conflict of Interest Form 23-Sep-14 RB-F06 - Annex 3 - Conflict of Interest Form.docx
RB-F07 Forms Annex 7 - Use of Embryonic Tissue 1-Oct-14 RB-F07 - Annex 7 - Use of Embryonic Tissue.docx
RB-F08 Forms Annex 9 - Benefits and Compensation Form 23-Sep-14 RB-F08 - Annex 9 - Benefits and Compensation Form.docx
RB-F09 Forms Annex 12 - Use of Animal Tissue 1-Oct-14 RB-F09 - Annex 12 - Use of Animal Tissue.docx
RB-F10 Forms Research Grant Budget Template 23-Sep-14 RB-F10 - Research Grant Budget Template.xlsx
RB-F11 Forms Research Grant Workplan Template 23-Sep-14 RB-F11 - Research Grant Workplan Template.xlsx