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Department of Tarbia, Peshawar Medical College Prime Foundation has scheduled a Tarbia course, Keeping in view the recommendations of the institutional heads and availabiliity of the speakers.

You can get the detailed Notification, Course Schedule and Instructions can be accessed through the following links.

Course Schedule
Course Contents
S. No Speaker Name Topic Lecture PDF
1 Dr. Shahms Ul Haq Hanif Insaan ka Maqsad, Takhleeq 'Ibadat' / انسان کا مقصد، تخلیق عبادت view / download
2 Mr. Abdul Latif Gandapur Duty Aik Farz Aur Amanat / ڈیوٹی ایک فرض اور امانت view / download
3 Mr. Abdul Latif Gandapur Husn-e-Khlq / حسن خلق view / download
4 Prof. Dr. Najibul Haq Halal o Haram, Ahmiyat o Taqazy / حلال و حرام، اہمیت و تقاضے view / download
5 Mr. Abdul Latif Gandapur Hibt-e-Aamaal / حبط اعمال view / download