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Welcome to PRIME Foundation Libraries, Peshawar

PRIME Foundation has developed a network of libraries to provide a learning and research environment with the aim to fulfill knowledge and information needs of its community. These libraries have best print collection of more than 20,000 Text and reference books, professional medical journals, audiovisual materials and has access to HEC Digital library for their clientele. Peshawar Medical College has a separate network of Libraries as Main Library, Basic Science Library, General Library, and Boys’ Hostel Library. Peshawar Dental College and Rufaidah Nursing College have established their own libraries. All libraries are housed in air-conditioned buildings and have provided a comfortable environment for study and research. Libraries network is spreading over thousands of sq. feet with seating capacity and computers with internet and WiFi facility for more than 300 readers. Main Library is remain open 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM for girls students, similarly Boys Hostel Library is remain open 24 hours for boys students. The library is providing excellent services and facilities to meet the information needs of its all level students, researchers and teaching faculty. The library is managed by postgraduate qualified staff with pleasant manner and devotion to support and encourage the users in academic and research activities.


Library seeks to be the center part of the organization through ensuring the dynamic culture of information, providing excellence services and promotion of library to aware the community of available resources and services. The library will be engaged to develop, organize and preserve the collection of knowledge to disseminate among current and future users.


Committed to support academic and research activities through collection development, organizing, preserving and providing the information resources to users in effective manner.

Libraries Network
PMC Library

Peshawar Medical College has a separate network of Libraries as Main Library, Basic Sciences Library, and General Library. These libraries are located in PMC Campus and equipped with sufficient learning resources, computers, bandwidth internet, WiFi and air conditioners. The cumulative number of books in these libraries is more than 13 thousands, seating capacity is more than 160 and computers with internet facility are 50 having access to HEC Digital library. Main Library is remain open 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM for girls students.

PDC Library

Peshawar Dental College has established its own library as the college emerged. This library is consisting with adequate collection of text and reference books and professional journals. The library has seating capacity of 85 users and 14 units of computers with internet facility and access to several online databases. The library is also providing the photocopying facility to their users.

RNC Library

Rufaidah Nursing College has established a library for their students and teaching faculty from the day first. The library holdings comprise more than 700 text and reference books, professional journals. RNC library has seating capacity for 40 users, and 10 computers with internet facility. Library housed in air conditioned building located in center of the college.

Hostel Library

Boys Hostel Library was developed with the aim to develop study culture among hostel students and provide them all text and reference books at door step. Library equipped with basic and clinical text books, 14 computers with internet and access to HEC Digital Library. The library has seating capacity for 60 users. Library is remained open 24 hours.

PMC Library

PDC Library

RNC Library

Hostel Library

Print Resources

PRIME libraries offer a rich collection of print resources in shape of books more than 20 thousands, professional international and national journals, magazines and newspapers to support learning, teaching and research. The collection is divided into various sections such as Text Books, Reference Books, Periodicals and institutional theses.


PRIME Library receives more than 40 international and national research journals. These have placed prominently in open shelves and also arranged all the back issues in separate section. Similarly there are several magazines, and newspapers have subscribed to keep the students, faculty members and researchers updated with latest research trends and current affairs.

Online Resources

  • Open Access Resources
  • PubMed Central
  • BioMed Central
  • Directory of Open Access Journals
  • Pakistan Research Repository (PRR)
  • Pakmedinet
  • Electronic Theses and Dissertation
  • Internet Archive
  • HEC Digital Library

    Digitization and automation have changed the paradigm of information field. Hence the PRIME Libraries have equipped with electronic books and journals. This collection consists of thousands of e-books and journals published from leading publishers of the world. Access to these resources is available through HEC Digital library program. The full text dissertations and theses are also available through ProQuest which contains millions entries in its database. This collection supports PRIME students, faculty members and researchers to access the resources in a more efficient way.

  • How to use HEC Digital Library
  • Access HEC Digital Library
  • Services

    The library team is dedicated to support foundation mission and curriculum. In this regard Library provides different services to Prime Community to meet their academic and research needs effectively and efficiently.

    Information Literacy Program

    The invention and trend of information communication technologies brought changes in information world. Millions of bibliographic, full text, multimedia and other contents enlisted by world leading publishers. Besides these there are a large number of un-authentic, invalid or outdated information available on internet. These all are challenge for the researcher and students of the hour. In view of this scenario Library offers the Information Literacy Program, in the form of Lectures and Workshops for the enhancement of information and research skill of the students and researchers.

    Online Catalogue

    Bibliographic information of all books have been entered in the library database and also developed an online catalogue for the users. This online catalogue is a searching gateway of library collection. This can facilitate the users to search their required book online even through their Smartphone. This catalogue has the advance searching option to search the book by title, author, subject even by keyword.

  • How to use online catalogue
  • Live Assistance

    Prime Library is in-touch with the community out of boundaries through Live Chat available at online catalogue page, Social media ( The continuous use of the library resources, service and space is showing the great interest of Prime community in library.


    Keeping in mind the trend of smartphone and other ICT gadgets, PRIME libraries provide free and open access of WiFi to all students and researchers.

    Computing Facility

    The library provides more than 80 networked computers for accessing library services; collections and library subscribed electronic resource; and using the internet for educational purpose.

    Guidelines for Computer Use

    Documents/data saved in library computers by users should be deleted before the computer shut down or restarts. You are advised to save the required data in your personal storage or online drive as often as required. The library does not accept responsibility for any data loss that may result from the use of library computers. Users are advised to delete data and log off email accounts after using the computer to ensure the safety and privacy of their personal data.

    Photocopying & Printing

    Photocopying and printing facility is available adjacent to libraries with the purpose for smooth information dissemination.

    Library Rules


    The following shall be entitled to the membership of the library and borrow books as per their entitlement.

    1. Professors/Associate and Assistant Professors of the college
    2. Lecturers/Demonstrators
    3. PMC Hospitals` Teaching Staff
    4. PMC/PDC Students
    5. Staff Members of PMC


    Professors / Associate and Assistant Professors will be entitled to draw and keep a maximum of 5 books at a time and keep them for a period of one month. The books may be renewed for another month after expiry of the due date.

    Lecturers / Demonstrators will be entitled to draw and keep a maximum of 4 books at a time and keep them for a period of one month. The books may be renewed for another month after expiry of the due date if not required by some other member.

    Staff members of PMC will be allowed to draw one book at a time for a period of 14 days. When one book is returned the member will be entitled to draw another book in its place.

    The students of the college will be entitled to draw three books at a time for a period of one month. The books may be got renewed for another month if not required by some other member(s). Books will only be issued on production of their college photo I.D. card and Library registration.


    Reference books in library are meant to be studied or consulted within the library and are not issued. These include Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Atlases, Yearbooks or original editions of certain important books. Current magazines and journals are also not issued. Old issues of journals are normally issued for a period of one week.


    1. When a book or journal is issued from the library, the borrower will be required to sign the book card which will be an indication that it is in his possession. When returning the book / journal he will either himself cross his/her.
      Signatures from the book card or see that his/her signatures are crossed. If the signatures are not crossed it may be presumed that the book is still with the borrower.
    2. All members using the library reading material are expected to use it with due care and diligence. The last person using the material shall be responsible for any loss or damage discovered.
    3. If a book or journal is lost or damaged while in possession of any member, he shall be called upon to replace at his own cost. In case the book/journal is not available in Pakistan, the member shall pay all expenses incurred in procuring the replacement.


    1. The library should be treated a sacred place for study and research only. Silence should be observed as far as possible.
    2. Smoking within the library is strictly prohibited.
    3. To ensure security of reading material, the students are required to leave their personal books handbags, folders etc. near the main entrance at the place meant for the purpose. Cooperation with the library staff in this regard is requested.
    4. Computers should be used with utmost care and proper “Shut down” procedures should be followed when closing.
    5. The internet facility on the library computers is provided for study use only. Students are not allowed to use entertainment websites. If found to be engaged in any such activity, strict disciplinary action will be taken by the college administration.
    6. Users are advised to save their important information or other data in their own device or USB.

    Suggestions for the improvement of the library facilities should be passed on to the librarian

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