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The division of Histopathology & Cytopathology provides a wide range of diagnostic services at PMC diagnostic laboratories.

The division aims to provide accurate and timely diagnoses at affordable rates. The experienced faculty in the division and the diversity of surgical/cytopathology specimens as well as special studies for specific diseases provides an excellent environment for research and post graduate training.

The division receives specimens from prime foundation allied hospitals as well as from other private and public sector hospitals of KP.

Services and Facilities

  • Surgical Pathology: The service handles a wide range of specimens including endoscopic GI biopsies, complex, multi-organ resections and Neuropathology cases. The lab processes surgical pathology specimens in addition to special stains, and other services
  • Immunohistochemistry: Immunohistochemical staining section provides a wide selection of immunohistochemical stains for routine diagnosis as well as a facility for research students.
  • Cytopathology: Our lab offers an active Cytopathology service gynecologic, non-gynecologic, and fine needle aspiration biopsy cytology. The Lab perform over 150 superficial fine needle aspirations per year. Ultrasound-guided aspiration has been added to our service in 2021, which helps to improve accuracy and diagnostic yield.
  • Multiheaded microscope with high quality slide imaging technology allows for intradepartmental conferences, tumor boards, and education to students
  • Consultation: Trained faculty are available to provide consultation services for complex and challenging cases


The histopathology and cytopathology lab have a student-friendly environment. The faculty and staff are always willing to help the students. The modern lab technologies are used by post graduate residents as well as by undergraduate MBBS and BDS students, and external observers.

Our post graduate program offers extensive training and experience in FCPS Histopathology, MPhil Histopathology, MPhil and PhD oral Pathology.

Quality assurance

Our lab is highly committed to quality assurance and regularly participates in National External Quality Assurance Program Pakistan (NEQAPP).

Lab Safety

Lab regularly arranges lab safety sessions for faculty and staff, to ensure workplace safety.

  1. Mr. Muhammad Riaz
  2. Lab Manager, Immuno-histochemistry supervisor
  3. Mr. Sahib Shah
  4. Senior Lab Technician
  5. Mr. Siddique Akbar
  6. Lab Technician
  7. Mr. Abdul Haleem
  8. Lab Technician
  9. Mr. Ihsan Ullah
  10. Store Keeper
  11. Mr. Muhammad Zahid
  12. Transcriber and Computer Assistant

Histopathology & Cytopathology Test List