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The PRIME Lab for Molecular Diagnostics is fully computerized and the results are disseminated through all modes of communication like email, courier and phone message, etc. The laboratory reporting system is linked with the national centralized system of ‘Health Information Management Services (HIMS)’ for reporting of Covid-19 cases. All the attached teaching hospitals of PRIME Foundation act as collection centers for the Institute’s Diagnostic and Research Laboratories. The lab also provides Home Sampling and collection service for various tests on the working days: Monday- Saturday at 8:00AM-8:00PM. This service offers any individual to contact the lab through phone and request sample collection for various tests to be performed in the PRIME Diagnostic labs; where the lab technician gets to the patient’s home, collects the sample and delivers it to the PRIME concerned Lab. The test is performed timely and result reported within 24 hours by courier or via phone message.

The PRIME Lab for Molecular Diagnostics were launched in May 2006 under the technical leadership and management of Pathology Department of the college. Its role broadly relates to the following three areas:

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Training
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Research

Unique features

  • Comparatively low cost
  • International quality standards
  • Efficient result delivery
  • Timely reporting of result
  • Home sample collection service

  1. Usman Zada
  2. Lab Technician
  3. Farhad Khan
  4. Computer Operator
  5. Abdul Jalal
  6. Sample collection rider (Morning shift)
  7. Imran Khan
  8. Sample collection rider (Evening shift)
  9. Riaz Khan
  10. Lab Attendant

Molecular Diagnostics Tests

  • HCV Qualitative PCR
  • HBV Qualitative PCR
  • HCV Quantitative PCR
  • HBV Quantitative PCR
  • Covid-19 Qualitative PCR